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First Let Me Introduce Myself

I'm Greg Moss, author of Working with Odoo, founder of and and Expert Odoo Developer & Integrator. In fact I've assisted literally thousands of companies in implementing and customizing Odoo. I created the very first Mastering Odoo Essentials & Mastering Odoo Development courses back when Odoo was still named OpenERP.

With each new Odoo edition, I've created new content and helped companies transform their businesses with Odoo.

I know I can help you on your journey with Odoo as well!

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If you are an Odoo professional or a company who is serious about using Odoo or considering Odoo for your platform the Odoo Inner Circle provides you will top quality Odoo training and direct one-on-one project assistance. You will get you the answers you need when you need them.

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