Initial One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Mastering Odoo 13 Development Live

Greetings! Many thanks for purchasing the very best Odoo Developer Training you will find anywhere.

I have been training developers in Odoo since version 6 when it was called OpenERP. I've been involved in literally hundreds of Odoo deployments and have been an enterprise developer and integrator for more than 30 years. In this course I will coach and help prepare you to become an expert Odoo developer in record time.

Getting Started

Mastering Odoo 13 Development is a complete live comprehensive training course that will provide you the skills you need to master Odoo Development. It is recommended that you begin by going through the Mastering Odoo 12 Development recorded course. As the developer API for Odoo 12 and Odoo 13 are essentially the same, this will provide you the structured and proven recorded lectures to get you grounded in Odoo development.

Bundled Odoo and Python Developer Courses

After you have worked your way through Mastering Odoo 12 Development it is recommended you take a look at the other pre-recorded courses provided in your training bundle. If you are relatively new to Python it is recommended that you try some of my python courses bundled with this package. If you already know Python pretty well, I would encourage you to work through the Odoo Tycoon course. This will reinforce the fundamentals of Odoo development and give you a fun little game you can customize for your own enjoyment and practice skills

Life one-on-one Odoo 13 Deveoper Coaching and Training

Once you have consumed the pre-recorded content you will then likely have a lot of questions and specific Odoo challenges that you would like to conquer. That is where the live training and coaching come in. During the live coaching and training we will go over any questions you may have and work to firm up your skills in Odoo development. Most often the training is provided with Google Hangouts or Zoom, but I'm also available by email and phone for answering developer specific questions.

Pre-recorded courses for Mastering Odoo 13 Development

As Odoo 12 & Odoo 13 development are identical in practically every way it would be rather redundant to just re-record Mastering Odoo 12 as it would literally be the same exact lectures 99.5% of the time. Instead we will be releasing an all new pre-recorded set of lectures that will use all the feedback from our live lectures.

Specifically new content will include the following:

  • Setting up WSL & MS Visual Code as an alternative development environment. This will also work in any version of Odoo and is not Odoo 13 specific, but it now a very strong environment to work in and is what I typically would help a developer configure in our live Odoo 13 Development course.
  • Using decorators in Odoo 13. One small change between Odoo 12 & Odoo 13 is how Odoo handles the method decorators. This is most certainly what I cover quickly in the live Odoo 13 course and will be the most critical distinction between Odoo 12 & Odoo 13 when it comes to development.

If you have any questions you can always contact me at [email protected].

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