Complete DEEPFAKE Master Class

Learn to Understand, Build and Identify DeepFake Technology

Welcome to the very first comprehensive 12 hour course on DeepFakes. This is a LIVE COURSE that includes workshops and 2 hours of one-on-one DeepFake Consulting. Created by Greg Moss, a 30 year technology veteran who has created over 200 technology courses, the DeepFake Master Class is the definitive course on DeepFake technology.

Using live workshops and professional video content the course is designed for ANYONE who wishes to become an expert in DeepFakes. Unlike most tutorials and courses that assume a vast technical background and even experience with machine learning, this course begins with the very basics. This course is designed for anyone who wishes to understand DeepFakes and the threat they pose to our future. Therefore this course is for:

  • Political operations and protecting candidates from slander and deepfake attacks.
  • Journalists and media correspondence who must discern the real from the fake leads.
  • Law enforcement who will undoubtly face deepfakes used in scams, long cons, and fraud.
  • Insurance companies and adjusters who may encounter deepfakes used for insurance fraud.
  • Technology security professionals who will be expected to identify and remove deepfakes.

DeepFakes will change the reality we live in. Are you prepared?

Ethical Deep Learning & Hacking and how they are related

In this course you will learn exactly how deepfakes are created and how you yourself can create them. Much like ethical hacking, it is vital that IT security professionals, law enforcement, and other concerned citizens become knowledgeable on this technology. Ethical deep learning and machine learning is fundamentally our only defense against people and even rogue nations from using deepfakes to undermine reality for their own interests.

For many years hacking was really the domain of the criminal. As the stakes became higher and companies literally lost billions it became clear that the only way to fight hackers were for ethical morale people to understand exactly how hackers operate. That means studying their methods and in fact getting in front of their methods in an attempt to anticipate and disrupt their attacks. The battle continues on today as cyber security and ethical hacking classes and courses are now widespread and taught in every respectable IT security program.

Why should I take this course specifically?

Unlike typical video courses where you just watch videos and if you are lucky get a comment from the instructor, this is a LIVE dynamic course in which all students have an opportunity to interact and ask questions and get answers. Also, this course includes TWO HOURS of one-on-one consultation designed to help you with your specific DeepFake questions. No other DEEPFAKE course currently offers this comprehensive approach to teaching and understanding Deepfakes.

Will this course really teach me out to create DeepFakes?

Yes. This course teaches step-by-step how DeepFakes are created and assists you in understanding the entire process from top to bottom. But let me be clear. Just like ethical hacking, we are teaching these techniques because it is vital to creating the tools and processes to identify deepfakes that are distributed for nefarious purposes. At no time am I encouraging anyone in this course to make deepfakes for unethical purposes. My goal, like with any great IT security class, is to give you all the information you need so that you can protect your clients and society at large.

Identifying DeepFakes

Today's DeepFakes are rather crude and rather easy to identify. However the 2nd generation of DeepFakes are just around the corner. Furthermore, it is entirely possible that near pixel perfect DeepFakes may be created by people who are extremely well funded. It is one thing to have a technology professional spending a few hours putting together a DeepFake prototype. But what happens with a well financed teams spends millions of dollars and weeks or even months of effort to make a DeepFake that is nearly impossible to detect. The real threat is not just that fake videos will be believed. On the flipside many people will refuse to believe ANY video evidence. Make no mistake about it... we are nearing a future where DeepFakes could change the way people worldwide view and consume information.

In this course we will spend a great deal of effort looking at tools and techniques for identifying DeepFakes. With this knowledge you will be better prepared as DeepFakes start to make profound impacts on politicians, reporters & newsrooms, law enforcement, insurance, and corporate espionage. Make no mistake about it. The threat of DeepFakes is very real and the only way to protect ourselves is through education, training, and ethical professionals that dedicate themselves to understanding this technology.

Your Instructor

Greg Moss
Greg Moss

Greg Moss started working with personal computers at 12 years old. At age 15, he wrote his first paid business application, a loan management application for First American Acceptance Corporation. A few months later Greg developed a statistical application to process surveys for John A Logan College. Now more than 30 years later, Greg has produced hundreds of commercial applications and training courses, and has been involved in numerous enterprise application projects.

In addition to completing degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems Design, Greg is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Six Sigma Black Belt, and holds an Information Assurance Certification from Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to his successful consulting practice, Greg has worked in positions as a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and excels in delivering technology-enabled growth to companies. He is an experienced digital marketer and focuses on real-world results and solutions.

Greg is the founder of First Class Ventures, LLC and Over the past 8 years Greg has produced over 200 video courses covering business application development and game design.

Greg is the author of Working with Odoo, Working with Odoo 10, Working with Odoo 11, Working with Odoo 12, and Learn Odoo.

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